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The Expertise of Technology    高新尖精 精益求精

Watches and Clocks

A TQM System to Ensure Quality Products and Services

After serving the industry for 20 years, our product range is now bigger than ever, covering numerous models of precision watch parts and components, watch bands, mini repair tools, and finished watches.

Our 4,500-square-meter factory in Dongguan, China is operated under the Total Quality Management (TQM) system and the All Directional Quality Control System (ADQCS). For world class products or OEM services, contact us today.




Classic Series

Model No. CS201

Model No. CS202L

Model No. CS203-1 / CS203-2

Model No. CS203-3 / CS203-4

Model No. CS205-1

Model No. CS206

Model No. CS209L & CS210L
Trendy Series

Model No. TS204-1 / 2 &TS205
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